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last update 10 May 2024

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Acknowledgement Undertaking and Waiver

I. I acknowledge that the teachers are only responsible for supervision of students during the student’s class times inside the studio and that students are not supervised otherwise.

II. I agree to ensure that the student is dressed appropriately for the relevant class and has shoes and other items required to enable full and safe participation in the relevant dance styles and learning of dance technique (other than for the initial trial class).

III. I acknowledge that I am responsible for the conduct of the student and that I may have to pay compensation if the student causes injury or accident to another child or property. I agree that if the student remains at the studio between classes or at other times that is at my risk.

IV. I warrant that the student is in good health and does not suffer from any illness or condition that may impair his/her ability to participate in the classes and I acknowledge that the student will participate in dance activities at his or her own risk, and that whilst the teachers will strive to provide a safe environment for dance activities at all times, neither TAI nor its teachers will have any responsibility or liability in respect of any accident or injury that may occur.

V. I give my consent for The Academy International (TAI) to photograph the student and to take images by other means in the usual course of the activities for which the student is enrolled and to use in its absolute discretion any information, photographs, video or other recording, or images of or about the student, for any promotional, performance or legal purpose, including advertising in newspapers, on TV and in other media, and I irrevocably waive any right to payment for use of such images and information.

VI. I authorise TAI to obtain and/or administer any emergency first aid or medical treatment of the student which in the opinion of TSI or its agents and representatives is reasonably necessary in the event that the student is injured or ill and I undertake unconditionally to reimburse TAI on request for all expenses relating to such treatment.

VII. I have read this document and the Policies and Fees as stated above. I acknowledge all my responsibilities and agree to co-operate with TAI in ensuring that the student enjoys dance education in a safe environment. I also acknowledge that I am responsible for all fees, charges and expenses associated with the student’s participation in classes and related activities at TAI and will pay all monies due to TAI as they fall due.

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