Classical Ballet

Classical ballet is the greatest foundation for every other genre of dance. It is also our speciality. We use the Russian Method, world renowned and known to produce the world's bet ballet dancers. Dancers trained in the Vaganova syllabus display what is referred to as the "iron aplomb" of the body, demonstrating complete confidence and composure with the natural , noble presentation, upon an excellent substructure of technical and performing skills.

Practicing ballet, regardless of the method, has varied advantages, however learning ballet using Russian Method has proven to provide the following additional benefits:

  • Develops logical thinking, discipline, concentration and memory

  • Develops excellent coordination skills

  • Proven to significantly impact on correction and improvement of body shape and figure

  • Helps to correct conditions such curved spine and other spinal problems, slouched back, crooked legs, flat feet, and many other conditions

  • Facilitates gracious movement of the body and graceful walk


The contemporary genre is an exploration of movement through the amalgamation of both modern & classical forms of dance to create new and unique styles of movement. This style typically recruits more athletic muscle control as opposed to classical ballet, with an under pinning of catch and release/rise and fall dynamics which develops extremely expressive techniques.

Contemporary dance provides performers with creative freedom of expression, presenting the viewer with breathtaking physical imagery. Studying both the Contemporary and Ballet disciplines assists the other.

Therefore it is crucial for students seeking a career in Classical Ballet to have an understanding and training history in Contemporary, likewise Classical Ballet training is highly recommended for those seeking to enrol in Contemporary.


Lyrical Dance is a modern style of dance with a foundation in Classical Ballet. It is a fusion of both the ballet and jazz dance techniques. It is expressive, subtle, dynamic and danced mostly to emotianally driven lyrically based popular music. It is a combination of both intricate and highly technical movement with pedestrian/naturalistic movements. It is highly recommended that those seeking to enrol in Lyrical, also enrol in Classical Ballet for strength and beauty of line.


Jazz is an exhilarating, funky and expressive form of dance with dynamic, high-energy moves that promotes both fitness and flexibility typically danced to popular music. It is a modern style of dance suitable for all ages that is all about embodying boldness and classiness at the same time. Jazz helps dancers develop showmanship, an essential skill for any dancer. Learning Jazz opens up a whole array of career opportunites, both contract and commercial work, including on stage, music videos, cabarets, cruise ships and theme parks.


Hip-Hop is an ever-developing dance genre that is a modern fusion of jazz and street dance. Hip-Hop has an entire and comprehensive culture with many sub-genres that have developed, including breaking, locking and popping to name a few. Performed to both modern and classic hip hop music, this an ideal way to get fir, let loose and express your creativity. So put your kicks on and come and join us for some fun, fresh and frenetic movement.


A fun mix of gymnastics & tumbling in one class. Acrobatics is great to develop coodination & balance and to increase strength & flexibility. This class will also help in preparation for complex combinations and tricks at times used in choreography in various styles of dance. An absolute must for Contemporary, Lyrical & Hip-Hop students. Our qualified Acro instructors are trained in a full scope of the Acrobatics Arts syllabus.

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