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Policy Information

a. TAI does have a closed-door policy though parents are invited to view classes on pre-arranged Open Weeks.

b. Students who are ill may be isolated and/or sent home.

c. Students whose fees are outstanding may not be re- enrolled for the following term. Please see the Director.

d. TAI reserves the right to withdraw any student at any time. A partial refund may be given at the discretion of the Director depending on circumstance.

e. Students must not arrive or leave the studio wearing only dance clothes.

f. Students changing dance schools are kindly asked to please advise the previous school.

g. Absolutely no gum is allowed on the premises.

h. Some physical contact may be necessary by a member of the faculty to demonstrate exercises, try on costumes etc., or to administer first aid.

i. All students must wait inside the building for pick-up. Parents to wait for the child outside the front entrance. Please keep the downstairs foyer clear at all times for students and staff.

j. Parents of children with diagnosed asthma or other serious conditions must make personal contact with the Director prior to student’s first lesson and provide medical history / condition in writing if enrolled in the School.

k. Leave all valuables and money at home. We cannot be responsible for lost items.

l. Older students are required to read and abide by the Student Code of Conduct placed on the School’s notice board.

m. All students performing in the TAI end of year concert must attend ALL rehearsals unless prior permission of absence is granted or a medical certificate is provided.

n. Students wishing to attend external summer schools, dance classes, workshops etc., outside TAI must seek and be granted permission from the Director. Including within their academic school if performing choreography from TAI. The school reserves the right to extricate any student that contravenes this policy.

o. Classes will be run in a manner solely at the discretion of the School. The School will also have sole discretion in allocating a teacher to a given class.

p. All students and parents to refrain from direct contact with staff via personal email, text, phone or social media unless on platforms managed directly by TAI.

q. All choreography taught to students for performance troupes and solos are owned by TAI. If a student no longer attends TAI but wish to continue performing that solo they must seek permission from the Director.

r. Parents/guardians and students must follow all guidelines and terms as set by TAI.

s. Parents/guardians and students need to take responsibility to read email updates and newsletters and keep up-to-date with current and important information relating to TAI.


1. Term fees are due prior to the commencement of term. Fees not paid within this time will incur a $50 late fee without warning.

2. Direct deposit is the only form of payment for term fees.

3. Cheques are no longer acceptable.

4. Pro-rata adjustments for term fees are made for new students.

5. Fees are based on school terms however the year generally starts the week after school resumes and ends the week before school finishes.

6. All fees are non-refundable.

7. Reception is open weekdays between 4:00–6:00pm Monday to Friday and on Saturday mornings between 9:00—11:00am. An appointment will need to be booked to speak to the Director or TAI admin team.

8. Lessons missed due to illness may be made up during the term time with permission from the Director. No more than 2 x make-up lessons per term. Lessons are only made up for students that have been ill or injured and have a medical certificate.

9. If financial hardship exists, a payment plan may be arranged in the office before the commencement of each term.

10. No refunds are given for public holidays.

11. Additional fees may be charged for holiday workshops, rehearsals, and examinations.

12. IMPORTANT Parents withdrawing students from the School are to provide office staff with a written notification 2 weeks prior to end of term, otherwise a 4 week tuition fee in lieu of notice will be incurred.

Social Media Policy

When using ALL forms of Social Media (including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter) all students, parents/guardians must adhere to this TAI Social Media Policy.

1. Students and parents may not photograph, video or record any material in classes without the teacher’s permission.

2. Where permission has been given to record a class/routine for rehearsal purposes, use of that recording has been authorised for that purpose only and under no circumstances must it be posted on any Social Media platform

3. Any and all choreography for eisteddfod Solos, Performance Group dances, annual performances etc., taught by TAI staff and guest teachers, remains the property of TAI. Should any material be posted to Social Media (in agreement with this policy) credit must be given to TAI. This includes footage purchased from eisteddfods and the TAI concerts.

4. No footage of TAI performances is to be shared to social media without permission from TAI.

5. The recording and airing, sharing, posting, distribution of teachers’ routines, is a serious breach of copyright and may result in offenders being asked to withdraw from TAI.

6. Students/Parents are not authorised to contact TAI staff via Social Media at any time or for any reason. Should a teacher be contacted and it is their duty to let the staff of TAI know so it can be monitored. The student (whether they themselves or the parent made the contact) may be asked to withdraw from TAI, and the teacher also if it is not reported in a timely manner.

7. Bullying/harassment of any kind over social media will not be tolerated and may result in termination of students’ enrolment.

8. Students, parents/guardians and teachers are not to post any content that may bring TAI into disrepute.

9. When posting on Social Media, all credits must be given to those relative to the post. ie. The school’s name, choreographer and teacher must be listed.

10. All posts on Social Media that are TAI or dance related must be appropriate and tasteful. Any posts seen on social media that are deemed inappropriate or distasteful will result in the students and parents being notified and the post being taken down from all platforms should this not be actioned by the person who posted, they will be withdrawn from TAI.

11. During Parent Viewing Class, parents have traditionally been allowed to photograph/video their child for family archives. Naturally other students might be filmed in the process. For the comfort and rights of others to be headed who may not wish them or their child be videoed or photographed by others without their consent no parent is to photograph or video in a performance or open week that may be held.

12. Teachers must be given the opportunity to give permission for their image to be used in any circumstance where they may have been filmed or photographed.

13. Failure to abide by all of the above may result in disciplinary action.

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