Transition Academy (Intermediate) 12-14 yrs

The Part Time Academy is aimed at preparing students for full time dance. Again, with ballet as its core to assist the students in understanding all about technique, line, centre, flexibilty and strength, it aims to give the students a greater understanding of what a life in dance entails. 9 hours per week with a maximum number of 8 per class.

World Renowned Tutelage

Premier full-time dance training academy in the ACT Region with proven quality and demonstrated success.

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TAI encompasses both Classical Ballet with Contemporary and commercial genres - Lyrical, Jazz and Hip-Hop. Where the greater number of talented or 'serious' students feel the need to travel to Sydney or Melbourne to seek advanced level of training, TAI fills the previously identifiable void in the local market by offering state of the art facilities, a premium and comprehensive syllabus and highly regarded instructors.

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